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if possible?  Linda Eiswirth is doing a fantastic job.
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Products  for Yorkies
.Sites updated Jan., 2022
If you find a site not working,
please send me an e-mail so I can take it off this page.
Thanks, Cookie
Isle of Dogs
Where I buy my supplies
Yorkshire Terrier 
Custom Keds Shoes
All kinds of Keds with 
different Yorkie pictures
Planet Urine
Great place if you're having trouble house breaking your dog or cat. Pet stain and odor removal also.

Dog Bow Ties
Cute bows for your
pets plus boxes to 
keep them in
 Natures Pet Marketplace
Pet products with no chemicals or poisons
The American Kennel Club
Have a visit with A.K.C.

The Canine Affair
Great site where you can order show dog supplies. They  have bedding, belly bands and bows etc. 
If you live in New Orleans, 
here's a place you can buy 
clothes to fit your small dog.
 Yorkie Rubber Stamps

2,000 Names for Puppies
Find the perfect name for your puppy
Rhapsody Yorkies
For show bows, t-shirts,britches, 
leads and other items
Where you can find the most marvelous quality portable and permanent pet cages and kennels

Sit Stay Pedigree
Make your pedigree on the web and they will e-mail it to you. Great for web sites.
Lainee Limited
Bands, Wraps, Leads, Bows, etc.
Yorkie Jewelry
Rings, bracelets etc

Vicki's Designs
Dog sweaters
These are beautiful 
hand knitted sweaters
A superstore for pets.
Jack Onofrio Dog Shows
All dog show information. 


If you have a favorite site
not listed here, let me know 
and I'll add them.
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