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.This was an e-mail I sent to one of my friends. Thought I'd share it.

.I use Isle of dogs shampoo and conditioner on my dogs. For brushing I use Miracle Coat and I use a little Fantastic anti-static spray for show days.
Just because your shampoo has a lot of suds doesn't mean it's a good shampoo.  I'm a hairdresser, so I know a lot about hair.  Suds leave a residue on the shaft and cuts down on the shine.
These are the products I use and I don't sell them either... :)))
The ph is very important.  People are 5.5 ph which is much more acidic than dogs which are 7.0.  Using shampoo that's less than 7.0, which is alkaline, can cause the hair to dry out and look fried over a period of time.
Something to watch out for in conditioners is, if they have any wax in them.  Lots of people and dog products use wax as a base. This is what makes the hair "FEEL" better, but does absolutely nothing for the hair except coat the hair shaft with wax.
Under a microscope, hair looks just like the scales of a fish, so lets use a fish for an example. When the scales are laying down, the fish looks shinny and feels smooth.  When the scales are sticking up, the fish looks dull.  If you were to pour a coat of wax over the fish with the scales sticking up, he would feel smoother again, but actually you'd still have damage underneath the wax that can cause the hair to break.

A good conditioner will get under the scales and help them to lay down and then the hair will be smoother, shinier and most of all be healthier and stronger.

It won't happen overnight so don't think that one use will tell the tale like the wax conditioners.  It's a gradual healing process of the shaft.